Ampers&one hopes to seep into listeners’ hearts with positive music

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FNC Entertainment’s new boy group Ampers&one set its foot on the K-pop scene on Wednesday with their debut single album “Ampersand One.”

“This is our first-ever performance on stage and we hope to get the chance to perform on diverse stages from now on,” said Kamden of Ampers&one after performing at a press conference in Seoul.

“I spent four years as a trainee, and my parents and I had decided that it would be time for me to look for something else to do when I become 20 years old. I participated in Mnet’s idol survival program considering it my last chance. Even though I didn’t get to be one of the finalists, I was able to join this new team and debut after the show,” said Jiho, the leader of the group.

Several others of the seven-member group including Kamden and Brian would be somewhat familiar to the public as they’ve taken part in K-pop idol survival programs in the past.

“Our debut single album carries a total of three tracks led by the lead track ‘On And On.’ It sings about us working our way to accomplish our dreams,” said Siyun.

Kamden took part in writing the lyrics to the lead track.

“It was an honor to participate in writing the lyrics to the lead track of our debut album. I hope to continue taking part in composing and writing the lyrics to our future releases,” said Kamden.

The title track “On And On” is of the pop dance genre and is composed with a groovy bass riff and synth sound.

“We named the highlight dance move for this track ‘Wavy Dance.’ It’s when we spread our arms and make a wave and at the same time shuffle our feet,” said Kamden.

Ampers&one hopes to become a group that can seep into listeners’ hearts with music of positive energy that people can easily relate to.

“I think our forte is that we can seem like close friends to our fans by singing songs that they can easily relate to. Our group also consists of members from diverse cultural backgrounds so we can present diverse colors,” said Siyun.

“We hope to become a group that comes to one’s mind when thinking of K-pop,” said Jiho.




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