Unique indoor dating spots to warm your winter days

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With temperatures dropping significantly in the first week of November, many people have already taken out their puffer coats, an iconic essential to get through Korea's harsh winter.

At Ddowaddo, however, you will find people in short sleeves and shorts enjoying fishing.

After a 10- to 13-minute walk from Exit No. 1 of Konkuk University Station on Subway Line 2, you can easily find the entrance to Ddowaddo next to a 7-Eleven that leads to the first basement floor of the building.

A massive fish tank smack in the middle of the store is the focal point.

After paying an admission fee, you will receive a small fishing rod and baits and be assigned a seat.

Wearing an apron and gloves -- provided free of charge -- is certainly recommended.

After bringing out your catch, one can weigh the fish and its size and weight are automatically shown on a monitor.

There are various fishing experiences to explore, and you can also compete to catch the biggest fish.

Admission fees are 10,000 won and 9,000 for men and women, respectively. It costs 18,000 won for couples. Admission costs 8,000 won for teenagers and 5,000 for preschool children.




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